Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our, three months ago.

Auntie Heidi and Naomi. Translation, free child care for Christian and I while we sailed on a Americas cup sail boat for 4 hours in St Marteen, wind in our hair, ocean splashing sea water on our sunkissed faces...
Just a day at the pool!

Home sweet home for our blissful 7 days 6 nights.


Walk on the beach, St Marteen.

Fancy Dinner, and Chrisian wearing a tie (because his wife made him!).

Naomi wearing Mommy's glasses, looking about as ridiculous as mommy does in them :)

Aaah! Didn't that, for a second, make you forget about the blistery cold January weather! Better late than never, our photos from our family vacation 2008. When I look at the pictures, I feel like I am back on that ship, crispy from too much sun, bloated from too much sugar, deliriously happy for the sheer joy of being with family with absolutely nothing to do but chill...I welcome you to our cruise...last November.

Naomi, here on the plane, so well behaved. She entertained everyone around us with her table top dance on the pull out trays.
I am sure the man sitting in the seat in front thought it was so cute :)


The Mobergs said...

I love cruising! It looks like you guys had a great trip! Naomi is so cute! You look pretty hot yourself in your bikini! =) Thanks for sharing your pictures even if it 3 months later!

The Mobergs said...

BTW - Tabitha posted the previous comment, not Kevin! =) =)