Friday, December 12, 2008

10 Things of which I am thankful for

1. My (yes I call him 'my') Amish farmer in Pennsylvania, who raises happy cows and chickens, free of garbage, drugs and junk so that I can eat amazing raw cheese, milk, yogurt, creamer and meat! Two weeks of vacation away from home, eating eggs that were pale yellow and yogurt with high fructose corn syrup in it made me want to send Farmer John a fruit basket.

2. Athletic pants from Lucy. Comfortable, durable, wash well, and have all the seams in all the right places. I live in them, wearing them right now in fact!

3. Dishwasher detergent from the store: after practically ruining my glassware with baking soda/washing soda and vinegar, I realize I am no chemist, and some things really are not better home-made.

4. The smell of winter, always providing the opportunity to wear a scarf. That being said, home made scarfs!

5. Fancy napkins at dinner time...and the excuse they bring to put a sewing machine on my Christmas list!


7. 2000 Decembers ago Christmas song, and while listening to it, imagining the entire earth trembeling, rejoicing, and the heavens standing watch as the God of the Universe came down, as flesh...utube it!

8. Pandora Radio on my iphone, and the opportunity to enjoy music in any genre I like, without paying 99cents a song!

9. Kombucha tea: a fermented beverage with a sweet taste and fizzy vinegaresk finish. Helps detoxify the liver and provides powerful pro-biotics...among many of its health benifits. What can I say, I got hooked on the stuff when I was pregnant and the taste of vinegar was more appealing than chocolate!

10. My daughters 4 "B"s, which she must have with her at all times: her Blankie, baby, bunny, and bear. She is running her own day-care center at the age of 1! What an entrepreneur!

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