Tuesday, June 24, 2008

From January to June

Welcome back Nina!
Thanks, it feels good to be back.
I have my cup of decaf, so does my kid, my photos freshly down loaded from my iphone, and I am thinking it may be time to post a blog...or two or three.
I have MUCH to post about, so I will stick to bullet points with illustrations and promise to blog more than every 6 months. :)

Okay, where did we leave off? January.
January Christian and I started thinking about opening a personal training studio.
Christian was working full time at Golds as a trainer, and started thinking about how great it would be to do it on his own. We contacted my manager at the community we live at to see what the rent would be for the small retail spaces they have available on property. We were thinking we could start saving and planning and maybe just maybe this summer could be our target to open "Health and Wholeness Personal Training Studios".
Well, that door not only flew open, but we were practically pushed through it when we found out the space would be FREE for us! What? Forget this summer, lets do it!
The month of February and March found us on our knees scraping floor glue, painting base boards, installing mirrors, building shelves and assembling weight equipment. Christian and his Dad did all of the work, and did a fantastic job at that. We opened the studio in April and it is going very well!

March 2nd was Naomis birthday! I don't have any cake-smashing-in baby's face pictures. I am still holding out on giving my kid sugar until she is 12 and discovers she has been deprived all her life and wants to sneak out of the house on her bike for 711 slurpies and milk duds. For her first birthday she had a delicious dish of boiled and mashed prunes with a dash of cinnamon and apple. We had a lovely time at Dave and Busters playing arcade games, while Naomi slept in her stroller after munching on ticket stubs and teething biscuits.

As mentioned above, we opened our personal training studio in April, and I have hardly seen my husband since! He is so busy with clients, from 6am till 10 pm with windows of breaks in between. We did manage to get away for a "day" trip to New York for a conference held by one of the most brilliant men in alternitave medicine we know. This was my first visit to New York, and I was in awe of the tall buildings. For a brief moment, walking down the street with my latte in one hand, and my pink pea coat, I felt like Sarah Jessica Parker, only I was wearing much cheaper shoes.

Thanks for hanging with me. This "update on the happenings of "Elliotness" is almost current.
Just two months to go: In May we made the decision to move to the two bedroom town home that is directly above our studio space. Changing our 2 minute commute to 30 seconds has drastically improved the quality of our lives. The space is three times what we had in our little loft (we even have a garage!), and as much as we would miss tripping over a stroller, a purse and flip flops when we walk into our front door, we didn't want to pass it up.
I will be happily post pictures of our new home once we don't have our TV sitting on boxes, walls only halfway painted or pictures piled on the floors...maybe in 6 months.

Stay tuned for our glorious trip to Maine, and the celebration of our 5 year anniversary of marriage! I have been typing too long, and little Naomi is sticking her fingers in the paper shredder.


Annie said...

sounds like you guys have been having a lot of fun. I love the pictures!

The Rifes said...

Oh! It's so nice to hear what you three have been up to... I was about to email and ask if you had died!

JBLMR said...

So you wanna do some long distance personal training for this mama who wants to lose about 15lbs?!?! :) Love your blog, Naomi is super cute, I'm glad to be in touch with you again! I'll be in touch soon!