Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just thought I would post a few pictures of Christmas, and Naomi's first celebration outside of the womb. We spent almost three days straight at the in laws, playing games, eating, watching movies, eating, ice skating, and eating. Aaaahhh, Christmas.

One thing I love about my in laws, is how competitive Christians family a fun playful way. Every year we have a "best wrapped gift" competition. We spent one evening devising ways to get all our gifts into one big delivery, and with the help of a box of plaster of Paris, a Santa suite, a trash can and some paint, Santa clause himself came to grace us with his presence and presents on Christmas day...oh yea, we won.


Joanna said...

Can't believe I didn't comment on this one yet! My lord, what a gorgeous little munch you have. Your blonde hair looks amazing (and so long!) and mr. clause is yet another feat of crafter magic enacted by one nina lynn elliot. Looks like a fun xmas. :) (and no, i'm not trying to take Christ out of Christmas, just saving time. Although this dsiclaimer sort of makes that moot, doesn't it?)

Elliotness said...

I like that word. Moot. I have never used in a sentence...lemme look it up.
Do you mean the first definition, meaning "open to discussion or debate" or do you mean the second definition, "of little or no practical value". I will assume you are implying the latter, but we can discuss it if you like! The whole X where Christ should be is pretty controversial...;)

Rifes said...

I don't know how you have time to write Christmas at all, let alone make a huge Santa! You're one amazing mommy.

david said...

Geesh-it is almost June, and nothing since Cmas?!! What about H&W Studio??!!
More pics of Naomi Grace??

ailie said...

Hi Nina~ I found your blog through a tangled maze of blogs-so fun! How are you? You look great, and Naomi is such a cutie! Congratulations! I'm married, living in LA. I work as a nurse and my husband Luke is getting his PhD in biology at USC. We're expecting a little boy (our first) in September, and we're so excited!

I don't know if you keep in touch with any of the SPRINT people, but I'll give you an update and I'm sorry if you already know . . . Jacinda's living in Manhattan where she just finished her Master's in Counseling and her hubsand Matt is getting his PhD in Engineering/Renewable Energies, Wendy's a nurse and she's getting married in the Fall, Molly's married with at least one little girl (I haven't heard about her in a while), I think Emily's still in Seattle but I'm not sure what she's up to, Casey & Stephanie have a little boy and another one on the way in a couple months, and Chris just graduated from law school. My how we've all grown up. Blessings! Ailie