Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween at Chipotle

Free burritos if we dress up like a burrito? Well that is better than artificially flavored cherry Tootsie rolls, and pixy-stix in a plastic pumpkin for sure! Happy Halloween to us!
Naomi was the best "bite sized" burrito ever! (She was wearing a tin foil hat, but she would take it off and put it in her mouth, and now, I never read this in any parenting book, but my hunch is that you shouldn't give aluminum foil to babies.)
Good times and extra guac was had by all!


StephenElliot said...

This is positively outstanding! =) Good work! The Chipotle I went to was absurdly crowded and really not even enjoyable =( Nevertheless, I got a free burrito, so I can't complain.

Taylor Madison said...

Mmmm... Chipotle! I wish we had one closer to us.

You guys look very cute!

Joanna said...

Geez that baby is adorable! Can't wait to meet her. Mwaa! (that's a kiss from her aunt Joey).