Sunday, September 23, 2007

Swim diapers and grandmas swimsuit

Does anyone else understand the idea of a "Swim diaper"? How it really keeps the 'wet" in, and the "wet" out, so the two types of wet arn't mingeling...? Eitherway, Naomi didn't get to try it out on her first debut at a water park. I have a hard time washing her hands with tap water, much less subjecting her to the one part water, three parts bleach in a kiddy-pool (I know, I must get over it, for the sake of my kids childhood...) We big kids all had a blast in the wave pool, shooting down the slides, while Naomi did her share of napping in the shade, gettting the occational dose of Vitamen D in between naps...aahhh savoring the moments of summertime.
Oh, and I found out that my last years bikini wasn't going to cut it on this post-baby body...not with family around, not in the daylight, and not while walking or moving or breathing. My mother in law came through with her 'figure-forming-high-necked-low-legged-butt-boosting-tummy tucking" turquoise-gold flower suite...which, besides looking like I was 50, felt pretty great! (one can use a bit of butt-boosting tummy tucking action every once and a while...It was like wearing a rubber garden hose around my midsection) I happened to be the only one in water park history able to ride down the power slide with out having to dig upon dismount.


Rachel said...

I don't care if that is an "old lady" swimsuit. You look great for having had a baby 6 months ago.

I didn't even step foot in a swim suit this year and Alex is 2 ;)

Don't worry about the water thing, they get over it. Alex was that way about bathes and now sticks his head in every chance he gets.

Joanna said...

You look beautiful! That shot is so fifties glam, and YOU make it that way. Leave it to the most health-conscious and spirited girl I know to pull that off! Miss you, sweet stuff.