Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Meet your grandchild!

Grandma and Grandpa Heuerman came for a week long visit May 5th to the 12th, and what a great week! We started off with some spring time BBQ fun, thrown in a little badminton, and veggie tray, snugglie baby and filtered lemon water, and vuala, family memories are made. I know it was the week of the Queen of England's visit, but all the fun was had in our little courtyard!

The week was fantastic, trips into the big city, boat rides to Mt.Vernon, dinners out and walks around the neighborhood....the best part of all was simply introducing Dad and Mama B to their very first grandchild. Most definitely a proud mommy moment. I imagine life will be full of those moments with a kid like Naomi!

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Ashley and Shawn said...

she is getting so big already!!! im sure it was a lot of fun having your dad out there glad to see you all happy and enjoying life!!!
luv ashley