Sunday, February 28, 2010

and the not so delicious healthy meal:

Liver. That is , the liver of a cow.
This huge package of animal parts have been sitting in the back of my fridge since the month I found out I was pregnant with Caleb and decided I needed to integrate all the health building benefits of liver into my diet. ( A four-ounce serving of calf's liver provides an amazing 689.8% of the daily value for vitamin B12, 215.2% of the DV for folate, 129.4% of the DV for riboflavin, and 28.0% of the DV for B6, and 48.0% of the DV for niacin.)
a great that never was actually realized. The minor detail I forgot was that I
a.) had NO idea how to cook liver and
b.) that there is nothing I have ever tasted that repulses me more than the grainy texture and rich gagging aroma of this warm organ.
During the snow storm of 2010 here in Virginia we let our freezer supply get little low, and so I re-discovered this item and decided I either needed to cook it or throw it away. Throwing it away felt wrong (although cooking it did as well-sigh).
Busted out Mark Bittman and followed his recipe, which called for lots of butter, a flour dredge, some sauteed celery and a quick pan sauté. Sounded doable.

Not to be dramatic, but this was the worst thing I have eaten in my entire life. Even a gallon of butter and a cup of salt, and 5 squeezed lemons couldn't distract my tastebuds enough.

I hated the idea of my innocent daughter being tainted by my strong opionons about liver. I wanted her to try it before we had any, in order for her to decide that it was delicious (and this way, I could give her my serving!).
I got her reaction below.
I think I will stick to my multivitamin. The cow can keep its liver next time.


Bree said...

Poor Naomi!!! :) Thinking about eating actual liver makes me feel like I have morning sickness all over again. HA! :) You're so funny Nina!

david said...

Oh Nina....we need to have you over. Sauté some onion, mushrooms and gp, add your liver, garlic, s&p...oh ya...a great dinner

Monique said...

LOL Nina, at least you can say you tried. Poor Naomi looks like she's going to cry. I also attempted to eat liver once. I went to a friends house for Sunday dinner and that Sunday they were having liver and onions. I tried to keep an open mind but it wasn't happening. Luckily my hostess was very gracious and had a standby just incase I didn't like it. :)