Monday, December 14, 2009

baby is almost here!

...not that any one is out there, but I needed to do this, log onto this poor abandoned blog and just write SOMETHING!
To get myself in the groove, ready for a new year, a new baby and a a fantastic new blog coming your way: committed to bringing friends and family up to date with all the happenings at the Elliot house hold, as well as all the new wonderful things I am learning on my "holistic family living" journey.

SO much has been happening since I dropped my blog ball.
I will do my best to fill in the gaps in the months ahead.

For now, I mean, for this week, I plan on delivering baby number two in the comfort of my own bedroom, with my entire family (yes, we have a couch in our room for optimal sideline viewing) present. Pregnancy has gone incredibly well and I have nothing to complain about, other than I am ready to kiss this little baby on the cheeks rather than feel its heel in my ribcage :)

So, stay tuned. I've got a new computer, a renewed excitement to blog and a little more determination to stay with it :)

Much love,



The Mobergs said...

Bring on the blogging! I continually check to see if you have anything new so don't feel your audience has abandoned you!=) We can't wait to see pictures of your new little gift from the Lord. Being a mommy of number 2 is sooooo much fun! For me, it was very different than being a first time mom. Love you and look forward to the updates.

Bree said...

What a teaser post title Nina! :) I thought you had blogged to say that you were in labor or that your water had broken or something! Can't wait to hear all about baby #2 - it's so much fun having 2 kiddos!

Stacey M said...

Were out here Nina, so don't give up on us :) Blog-away my dear!

alisha said...

So glad you've got back on the blog wagon. Have a great birth and can't wait to see the new baby Elliot!!

Matt and Joey said...

You can do it Nina! I love it when you blog. Can't wait to read more great stuff in the new year.

TinkerVerve said...

I keep up with you here, too. And, btw, it's time to post some updated information about that sweet baby #2.
...waiting patiently...