Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Crash Camping

Ah Summer...sigh.

Each sunny day's cool breeze, the mountians of Pumpkins crowding the parking lots of grocery stores, and the fall colors exploding all over the hills in view from our kitchen balcony are constant reminders that
it is coming to an end.

Last weekends forecast called for pleasant temperatures in the 70's and our poor dusty tent in the garage started to call out for attention. I had an idea, and thanks to the Internet, google maps, the trunk of our Jeep and a bag of ice from the mini mart- we decided to go camping!...or I decided we would go camping and told Christian so as he walked in the door from his last client of the day Saturday afternoon. Just one night, a change of scenery, a camp fire and some fresh air sounded like the perfect remedy for a busy and sleep hungry week! It was one of those moments when Christians lack of a better idea forced him to comply. In only 30 minutes we were off to Lake Fairfax, a cute little park just 15 miles away, featuring a lake with paddle boats and fishing, a water park (closed for the season), a couple soccer fields, hiking trails, kids play ground, and a little overnight camping area tucked away in the woods.

I need to mention that Christian didn't grow up in a camping family, and for this I feel he was greatly deprived, however after our little sample-camping adventure, I don't know that he is entirely convinced: We got to the site with only a few hours left of sunlight, just in time to set up our tent and go for a little hike. The trail led to a parking lot, which I found to be ironic. Arriving back at the camp site, we realized we forgot to bring matches or a lighter....which made starting a fire interesting. After rubbing rocks and sticks...kidding. After bumming a book of matches from neighbor campers and using a half a gallon of lighter fluid, a roaring fire blessed us with the smell of camp, saturating its smokey aroma into our grubby sweatshirts. It was official. Hot dogs and all.

We had a nice evening. Listening to the crickets chirping competing with boy scouts a few lots down playing charades, Christian and I got some wonderful one-on-one time by the fire. Our nights sleep happened in 30 minute increments, long enough for the body to tolerate the hard ground before demanding to change sleep positions as extremities lost all blood supply. Early in the morning when the birds just started their good morning praises, Naomi woke up. Christian, being sleep deprived, scooped her up in his arms and lulled her back to sleep on his chest. So sweet. About an hour later Christian realized that his shirt was soaked...our little Naomi managed to leak all of lake Fairfax through a diaper, her onesie, her dress, his sweat shirt and his undershirt! My goodness child! The morning air was cold, and Sour smelling Christian had nothing to change into. I gave him my sweat shirt, which left me in a thin tank top while we, giving up on our fire-side breakfast, packed up the tent and made our way down the highway to Panera Bread to conclude our camping adventure with some not-so-camping-style food: a cappuccino and spinach artichoke souffles! How about them fresh camping faces!

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